Truckee – Tahoe Recreation

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When it comes to outdoor recreation, very few places rival the depth of activities offered by the Truckee – Tahoe recreation area. In the summer it just plain rocks. And in the winter… well simply put, it is the ultimate Truckee – Tahoe alpine adventure playground. Come for the adventure, stay for the ambience.


tahoe truckee backpacking imageTruckee – Tahoe Backpacking & Hiking
Some of the most compelling scenery in all the Sierras is reserved for the select few who don their backpacks… read more.

tahoe truckee boating imageTruckee – Tahoe Boating
The perspective is different than from the shore. Of course the view has changed, but it’s more than that. You’re… read more.

tahoe truckee camping imageTruckee – Tahoe Camping
All who have fond camping memories, please raise your hand. If you didn’t raise your hand…I’m sorry because you… read more.

tahoe truckee extreme sports imageTruckee – Tahoe Extreme Sports
Adjective: extreme, Pronunciation: [ik-streem], Definition: of, relating to, or being an outdoor activity… read more.

tahoe truckee fishing imageTruckee – Tahoe Fishing
You Get a Line and I’ll Get a Pole Honey. You get a line and I’ll Get a Pole Ba-by. You Get a Line and I’ll get… read more.

tahoe truckee golfing imageTruckee – Tahoe Golfing
Picture this… playing your favorite game in your favorite Truckee – Tahoe setting. It just doesn’t get any better… read more.

tahoe truckee horseback riding imageTruckee – Tahoe Horseback Riding
We’re so used to 200+ horsepower on a paved road, so why not try one horsepower on a wilderness trail. There’s… read more.

tahoe truckee mountain biking imageTruckee – Tahoe Mountain Biking
From low intensity to high intensity and beginner to advanced. From cross country and downhill to meandering… read more.

tahoe truckee snow sport imageTruckee – Tahoe Snow Sports
Truckee – Tahoe Snow… the stuff dreams are made of. Where Olympic Gold was earned and X-Games Gold was hard… read more.

tahoe truckee water sports imageTruckee – Tahoe Water Sports
As much as Truckee – Tahoe in the winter is about the snow… come spring and summer, it’s all about the water!… read more.